By now we have likely all heard about genetically modified organisms. But what is all of the fuss about, and why is there so much fear and distrust surrounding this technology?  

Genetically Modified Information is an independent and science based documentary that aims to provide a scientific and cultural perspective on the controversy surrounding food and technology.

Previous documentaries about GMOs have been funded in part by large organic companies seeking to perpetuate misinformation about the technology. This film will be fully independent, not taking any money from any for-profit companies.

Because no single individual or organization is directly funding the film, I as the filmmaker will have full independence regarding all decisions related to the project.

This documentary is the primary component for a final thesis. Because of this, it is academically based. I will be working with my academic advisor, someone who is very knowledgeable and passionate about scientific film, photography, and biology. In addition, this project will be supported by a larger network of professors and their contacts.

My goal in making this film is to raise awareness about GMOs and their role in agriculture in the 21st century.